For the Community, by the community.

Our priority is to provide great music in a great location and a friendly atmosphere to foster a true community milonga.

Milonga Sin Nombre relies on a lot of support from awesome community volunteers. If you are interested in becoming part of the team please contact us and tell us how YOU would like to be part of the fun!

Master Baker Rie with more awesome goodies!

Our goal is to strengthen the dance community in San Diego so that the enjoyment from a night of dancing leaves everyone feeling electric.  We offer a comfortable space with a large top-quality floor that welcomes dancers of all styles and backgrounds.  We encourage good navigation that allows traditional dancers to occupy the outer lanes and dancers performing larger moves to occupy the center of the floor.  (For more information on the rules of the road in Argentine tango, please see our Navigation page.

Minion Jan needs fuel to make it to the end!

Milonga Sin-Nombre was founded by some of the earliest pioneers of Argentine Tango in San Diego and founders of the UCSD tango club.  We honor their legacy by providing one of the best social dance atmospheres in San Diego.  We host some of the best local DJ, several of whom DJ at various festivals.  Additionally we try to recognize up and coming talent and offer opportunities for new DJs and nurture them to become connoisseurs of great social dance music. We’re proud to say that, several great DJs have had their first milonga experience at Sin Nombre!

We also try to build new community by connecting with beginners wanting to find their way in tango . Since 2007 we have taught a weekly drop in FREE Intro Class before the milonga. This is an excellent place to send your friends or coworkers that you want to share your obsession with. We encourage all beginners from the class to stay, socialize and observe the milonga in the hopes that they will feel the connection and become new addicts.