Where is Sin-Nombre?

The studio can be a little difficult to find on your first trip. We suggest you take a good look at the maps and pictures if you are visiting us for the fist time. Take special note that we are located on WEST Morena Blvd about 3 blocks north of where it splits from Morena Blvd.

Google Map

Simple Sin-Nombre Map

Front of the studio. Parking is on the street.

Across the street is a Toys R Us. If you have to park across the street, it’ll be a good night!
Milonga Sin-Nombre is one of the few milongas that is accessible by mass transit. The milonga is located approximately .7 miles from the Morena Trolley Station which is a mass transit hub with light rail lines running from downtown, south bay and east county. The last trolley running to downtown leaves at 12:49 am ( schedule).

If you are coming from LA without a car, some Amtrak lines stop near here too, but check the schedule carefully, some skip the Old Town stop.